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Trellises, Arbors & Patio Covers

landscaping trellises out in backyard

You may be at the point where your garden is almost finished, but perhaps you still feel there is something missing. Or maybe you want your outside entertainment area to have more protection so that you can still enjoy the space when the weather sends a little rain. As the best of the landscape companies in the area, we can offer a wide range of solutions to provide that final flourish or the ideal protection for your patio or decking area.


If you are having quality landscaping work carried out, trellises offer an additional factor to your garden. Trellises are fantastic structures which help when growing ivy or other climbing plants. They can be attached to the walls of your home, or to walls and fences in your general garden area. Our experts will visit your garden to see where you want your trellises located then offer suggestions as to size and style of trellises available. We can even customize trellises to suit your ideas if none of the available options are suitable. Once your plants take hold, plants such as climbing roses really enhance the space you chose.


Arbors and pergolas are wonderful features which can add a wow factor to your outside space. They can be small structures which create an intimate space for you to relax and reflect in, or they can be larger structures which provide an entertainment area protected from sun, wind, or rain. They are also useful for protecting any garden furniture from the elements too. The beauty of many arbors and pergolas is that they can also serve as trellises, supporting the climbing plants or flowers of your choice and adding that extra aesthetic level. We can supply a wide range of readymade pergolas and arbors or we can fabricate one according to your needs.

Patio Covers

There is only one problem with patios and decked areas. If the weather turns to rain, or even if the sun is too strong, then they cannot be used to their full advantage. By engaging your local landscapers to install a patio or decking cover, you extend the usable living space of your home. Not only that, but they can add significant value to your home too. Covers also protect any furniture you use in this area and mean that you have a charming entertainment or relaxation area no matter what the weather is like. Our designers have many years of experience in this area and will work closely with you to advise on the best materials and designs that allow you to fully utilize that space.

The Landscaping Contractors You Can Trust

Our team of experts have been carrying out all aspects of landscaping for many years. We believe that any patio or decking area looks even better with an efficient cover installed. It gives you so much extra use of the space that you will wonder why you never considered it before. With quality workmanship and materials, we are the company you can trust.