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Sprinkler, Irrigation & Drainage

completed landscaping sprinkler installation

There is one element that is common to every garden we work on; water. If you have any sort of plants or flowers or other foliage in your space, then water is essential to provide them with life. But with mother nature being unpredictable, sometimes our gardens see too much water, or in other cases, some areas of your garden does not see enough. Here at Sacramento Pro Landscaping, we offer a range of services that ensure your garden can get enough water or that any excess water is diverted away.


Sacramento weather means that in some months we get very little rainfall. A lack of rain means a lack of water for your green areas, especially any lawn areas. You can water these areas manually but it takes time to do right. A professional sprinkler system is the ideal way to ensure your lawn or other areas gets the hydration they need. We plan our installations carefully so that once in place, your sprinkler system will cover every square inch of your target area. Timers can make sure that your lawn receives water at the times of day when it will do the best, keeping your garden healthy and green.

Irrigation Systems

Just as too little water can damage your lawn and garden, so too much water can do similar. A good irrigation system in your garden can channel excess rainwater away from your plants and lawn or distribute the water to areas where it is needed. They can be designed to even reach those far corners of your outside space so no plant or flower misses out. As well as installing new systems, our landscape company also offers maintenance and repair services on your existing system.


There is nothing worse than areas of your garden being muddy or waterlogged and you being unable to use them. This is usually as a result of poor drainage being in place. While this is inconvenient when it comes to lawn areas, it can be problematic if in areas with a retaining wall. Our professional landscaping business offers various drainage solutions to take these problems away or to prevent them from happening. One of our experienced staff will visit your property and assess any issues before offering suggestions as to what is the best solution in that case. From installing a French drainage system to suggesting landscaping plants which soak up excess water, we know we can solve any problems you are experiencing.

The Experts for All Water Solutions

Our team have a winning combination of experience, skills, and training so that we can provide a solution to any water issues you have. Whether too much water or too little, we have provided solutions for thousands of homeowners in the Sacramento area. Our sprinkler and irrigation systems are the best quality on the market and we customize our drainage solutions to fit the specific needs of you outside area. For any type of garden water issue, call Sacramento Pro Landscaping today.