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Sod & Artificial Turf Installation

landscaping sod artificial turf installation

There is nothing like a well-kept healthy looking lawn. But there are times where the normal process of soil preparation and planting seeds is either unsuitable or will take too long. If you do not want to go down the route of waiting for new grass to go, there are two main options open to you. You can choose to look for ‘landscaping companies near me’ and find an experienced company such as Sacramento Pro Landscaping to lay a new lawn using either sods or artificial turf. We have many years of experience in providing both and can advise you on which best suits your needs.

Sod Installation

Installing fresh sod is a great way to have an almost instant lawn. Whether for front yard landscaping or for back yard landscaping, it’s a quick and easy solution. Our installation happens in two parts, preparation and laying. We first prepare the area by removing any existing lawn or other debris before grading the surface and then adding a high quality topsoil. We then do conditioning and final grading before rolling the surface to make sure it is even for the sod. We then install fresh sod, make any needed adjustments, then roll and tamp the sod. We also provide instructions on how to care for the new sod, especially in those first few weeks.

Artificial Turf

Why choose artificial turf? More and more people are opting for artificial turf for some or all of their garden? But what are the advantages?

  • Low maintenance. Your lawnmower can officially retire!
  • Greener, literally. No more using harmful products such as pesticides or weedkillers.
  • Less bacteria and germs.
  • No need for watering or sprinklers.
  • Great for hay fever sufferers.

Artificial turf has come a long way in the last 20 years. With multiple options to choose from, including colors, styles, textures, and even thicknesses, it can be a challenge sometimes to tell the real from the fake.

Types of Turf

There are three main materials that artificial turf is made from.:

  1. This is the budget option and, while popular, it is not particularly durable and also has a low melting point. We do not usually recommend this type for larger spaces but it can be a good option for small areas with little footfall.
  2. Perhaps the best choice if you have a more flexible budget. Polyethylene looks very natural, feels soft to the touch, and is a lot more durable than polypropylene. Ideal for larger spaces such as lawns or play areas.
  3. Very durable and can withstand high temperatures and a lot of use. This is the most expensive of the 3 but can be used alongside polyethylene.

Low Maintenance

While artificial turf is far lower maintenance than real grass, it still needs looking after to ensure a long life. Brush it regularly, remove any leaves and other debris that collects on the surface, and, depending on the material it is made of, monitor the heat it is subjected to. A little care and your artificial grass can last many years.