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Landscape Design

landscaping design in progress

No matter the size of your outdoor space, from a small area to a large and sprawling garden, you want it to look its best. Whether your style is minimal or whether you want to incorporate multiple features, using a professional landscape design service means that every part of your space can be transformed and your dreams can become reality. We offer a full range of landscape design services, from creating attractive rockeries to a landscaping and tree service. Do you find you never have the time to create the garden you really want? Then Sacramento Pro Landscaping can do the work for you.

Plants and Flowers

Many people love the idea of combining a range of colors using plants and flowers to bring their gardens to life. We offer a full design service for front yard landscaping or back yard landscaping. Perhaps you already have ideas as to what flowers or plants you would like to utilize or you can leave the ideas to our experienced landscape designers. We can suggest seasonal variations so that your garden is full of color for most of the year as well as useful plants that can help stabilize any slope in your garden.

Enjoy the Flow

One landscaping feature that has massively increased in popularity in recent years is water features. Water features can add a real sense of flow to your garden and can range from a simple fountain feature to more complex ponds and falls which can be linked across a wide area. Our quality landscaping service can design almost anything you can imagine and at an affordable cost too. Water features can add a sense of tranquility to your private space, giving you somewhere to relax after a hard day at work.


We also offer a full range of hardscaping services to complete the look of your outside space. This can include paths, paved areas, and decorative or divider walls. Or how about creating outdoor living areas to fully utilize your space? We can design and create outdoor kitchen and entertainment areas. Think about spending a hazy summer’s night enjoying a glass of wine and pizza cooked in your own outdoor pizza oven. Or simply gathering around a fire pit or barbecue with family and friends. If you have any ideas for your garden, our designers can listen to them and create an area that will amaze you.

Lawns and Lights

People think lawn installation is a simple process, but it’s all about preparing the soil and choosing the right grass type to suit your garden. Our experts will advise you on this then carefully prepare your garden for seeding or sodding. And to complete the look of your garden, we offer a wide range of lighting solutions that can complement your landscaping and transform your garden into a magical landscape once the sun has gone down. For all sorts of landscape design services, why not call us today to find out more?