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As the leading landscaping and hardscaping company in the Sacramento area, we really value the feedback from our customers. Hearing what they think helps us to constantly improve our service by identifying new services and products we can offer them. The positive feedback in our reviews and testimonials show just how well we do our jobs, but while we are proud of those reviews, we do not get complacent and always work hard to maintain the high levels of service we provide.

We like to discuss any projects in depth, especially larger ones, with our client before work commences. This can be essential when major landscaping and hardscaping work is concerned so we can advise the client on the different plants, flowers, shrubs, or materials for pathways etc. that they might be considering. There are so many permutations available that it can often get confusing. And with budget an important factor for many clients, it also helps if we can talk them through what is doable if they have a set budget in mind.

Whatever size of job you are planning; our team gives 100% every time. And our maintenance service can help existing gardens stay looking good. The first step to hiring us is to get in contact, either to book a service or to start an inquiry. In our contact section, you will find several numbers to get in touch directly. Or use our online contact form to leave your details and one of our staff will call you back.