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Concrete & Masonry Hardscapes

landscaper landscaping paving driveway

While most of your wants and needs around your garden will revolve around the ideas of plants, flowers, and other natural features, there also needs to be an element of practicality to the space too. Your space needs areas for you to move around and across the garden, possible areas for entertainment and relaxing, as well as other brick or stone features which can enhance – and protect – the natural elements of your garden. As the leading landscaping contractors in the Sacramento area, we can help with any aspect of concrete and masonry hardscaping.

Walkways and Driveways

Walkways work as the connectors in your outside space, both to your house and to the outside world. They can also be used to join different areas of your garden. Walkways come in a wide range of materials so we can incorporate aesthetic ideas too, ones which can complement your general landscaping. And if your driveway is looking old and tired, why not consider installing a new concrete one? With the huge range of finishes available nowadays, there is no need for it to look grey and boring when we can add a wide choice of colors and textures.

Patios and Decking

We all love to have an outside space where we can sit and relax with family or entertain friends. Our designers can work with you to design the perfect patio or decking area. Patios and decking can add real charm to a garden as well as the practical uses it offers. We can create either in an astounding range of materials, colors, and textures, which can match or complement your house or garden. When it comes to backyard landscaping ideas, we have more suggestions than you could possibly imagine so give us a call today.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls offer both decorative and practical solutions. They can help transform a sloping area of your garden or can be created from scratch to provide and enclosed area for plants or flowers. As with out other services, these come in a wide range of materials, which includes stone, paver, or brick. One crucial factor that needs considered is that an area with a retaining wall needs efficient drainage. With years of experience, our skilled landscapers do not only install a retaining wall that looks good, but one with all the drainage solutions needed.

Stonework, Brickwork, and Steps

No matter what your concrete or masonry needs are, we can provide the solution! We can use a wide variety of landscaping stones to create paved areas, small decorative walls, or steps that connect the garden to the house or different levels of garden to each other. With such a wide choice of stone types available, your biggest problem will be deciding on which ones to use. And as well as installing new stone or brickwork, we also offer repair services for any existing areas which have suffered damage or wear. We take in the quality of our work just like our partners over at Concrete work Dallas or Sacramento concrete services. With a little care and expertize, we can soon have your brick and stonework looking great again.