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Welcome to Sacramento Pro Landscaping, the leading professional landscapers in the Sacramento area. We provide a full range of landscaping services to local communities, and have an experienced team of staff ready to do great work for you. We use only the best equipment and materials and our team members have all undergone specialized training where required. Where relevant, our fully licensed company conforms to any local building codes and regulations. With great service and great results, why go anywhere else?


When we founded the company many years ago, we were determined to become the best in the area. Through hard work, dedication, and attention to detail, we are now the leading landscaping and hardscaping company in Sacramento. With in-depth knowledge of every aspect of our work, we offer great customer experiences and, more importantly, great looking gardens for our customers. From the smallest of projects to landscaping blank spaces or transforming an old and tired garden, you will always be happy with the results. Why not give us a call to find out more?


Our Services

Our services cover every aspect of landscaping and hardscaping as well as maintenance of your outside area. If you are considering any sort of garden work, then we are the best company you can choose. Our staff are all highly trained and friendly and take great pride in their work. In many ways, good landscaping and hardscaping is an art form, and when a project is finished, our team love seeing how great your garden looks as well as how happy you are with the project.

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Landscape Design

Our landscape design services can help turn your garden into that perfect area for relaxing or entertaining. From choosing the right flowers, plants, and other vegetation to make your garden bloom, to looking at hardscaping features such as pathways and walls. Or how about that perfect outside entertainment area? Fire pits, barbecues, patio areas, all these ideas can be combined to make an area where you will want to spend more time than indoors. And if you want to add some water features, we can install anything from a simple fountain to ponds and flowing streams.

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Concrete & Masonry Hardscapes Services

While we tend to think about our garden as primarily being vegetation and colors, concrete and masonry can play an important complementary and practical role too. As well as landscaping rocks and landscaping stones, we can create stunning walkways and driveways. Or if you need steps to connect different areas of your garden to each other or to your house, then we have lots of experience. Or have you thought about a patio or decking area? With so many materials, styles, and colors available, we are sure we will find something you love for your backyard landscaping.

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Pavers, Walkways, & Driveways Services

Gardens need practical solutions too. Pavers make a great option for creating patios or poolside areas, and come in wide range of looks with the main materials being stone, brick, or concrete. A good walkway can protect your lawn areas or connect different areas and is a real quality landscaping solution. And if your driveway is old and damaged, why not consider a brand new one. Concrete options can include a variety of finishes to produce great textures and colors. Or if you don’t want to go the concrete route, why not think about something like marble chips or mulch?

“We moved to a new house and wanted the garden transformed. Sacramento Pro Landscaping discussed our ideas at length, made some suggestions, then did an amazing landscaping and hardscaping job.” – Eddie Newman, North Sacramento.

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“Our lawn was looking a real mess as the kids were always playing on it. Sacramento Pro Landscaping suggested artificial turf and now the kids – and us – couldn’t be happier.” – James Smith, Pocket.

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“We wanted a new patio with cover installed. Sacramento Pro Landscaping showed us options then installed the one we chose. Now we have a fantastic entertainment area.” – Paul Hughes, Midtown.

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Trellises, Arbors &
Patio Covers

Some people feel their garden is never quite complete and are always looking for extra touches to add to make it look even more special. Trellises can be a great feature, especially if you have green fingers and want to nurture climbing plants. They can be attached to walls or fences and can allow you to add color to those areas. Arbors and pergolas can really add that wow factor as well as offering a shaded area to relax or entertain. And if you already have a patio or decking area, why not maximize your usage of it by choosing to install a great cover that allows you to enjoy the space even when the weather is not ideal.

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Sprinkler, Irrigation & Drainage Services

Water is the very lifeblood of your garden. If there is too little, then you will experience problems, and if there is too much then you will also have problems. When you have a climate like Sacramento’s then these are issues you need to consider. We can design and install highly efficient sprinkler and irrigation systems which will ensure that your plants and lawn get water when they need it. And for areas that need adequate drainage, such as retaining walls, your local landscapers can install the perfect system for your garden.

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Sod & Artificial
Turf Installation

Are you thinking about a new lawn? Or replacing the old one Then you have choices to make as to whether to go for natural sods or modern artificial turf. Both come with their own advantages and disadvantages and which you choose can depend on your personal choice, the size of area to be covered, and what level of usage that area will have. Artificial turf comes in different materials and all our sods are freshly cut on the day they are installed. Still confused? Call us to ask any questions.

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We love supporting our fellow landscape and gardening professionals around the country. We've even partnered up with a few fencing professionals around the world including Northampton fencing contractor and fence companies arvada co. Please check them out if they're in your area!

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If you have any questions you need to ask, or if you are ready to engage our services, then the next step is to contact us. Our contact section has numbers for you to call or if you would prefer us to call you, please fill in the online contact form and someone will call you back asap.